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  • Transfer a photograph to an oil painting from £300 GBP
  • Commission your own oil painting from £500 GBP
  • Reproduction oil on canvas art
  • Portraits, scenery, animals & fantasy art

Welcome! I am a classically trained fine artist based in the UK. I work with oil on canvas to create unique oil paintings to your order. If you have a photograph you love, or an idea for a painting I can create this for you. I work alone as an independent fine artist and am not part of a factory production line. Each work is genuinely unique.  I will be very happy to talk through any ideas you have or if you need any questions answered - click here to contact me.
Lin Dean, Fine Artist

Photograph to Oil Painting

Transfer of your favourite wedding photograph, a pet portrait, a family portrait, a favourite scene created for you at your request. Or create a new painting from a combination of many photographs!

Your Own Painting Idea

Do you have an idea for a painting? Do you wish to reproduce a favourite scene or subject? A favourite scene, an imagined composition oil on canvas painting can all be created for you at your request.

Reproduce A Favourite Painting

Do you have a favourite artist or painting? I can reproduce your favourite painting to a classical standard.

Fantasy Art and Artistic Creations

Do you like fantasy art? Bored with commercial art? I specialise in fantasy art and oil on canvas. Each work would be completely unique to you.

Customer Testimonials

"An artist is not paid for her labour but for her vision…. I wanted to express my appreciation for this amazing work of art. It is obvious from the oil painting you have put your heart and soul into it and clear you have a natural talent. This is now the centre piece in the couples home in which all family and friends are not only in admiration of it but also in awe. I want to thank you for sharing your gift to the newly wedded couple."
Jeeva. [Commissioned an oil on canvas composition based on photographs painting of a wedding couple]